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Laser Micrometer Overview

Features & Benefits



laser micromter


for bench-top metrology and in-process gauging & control

  • Diameter

  • Ovality

  • TIR

  • Gap

  • Width

  • Thickness

  • Edge profile


Intelligent laser micrometers for stand-alone and integrated applications

Bench measurement

Centerless grinding 

Process measurement:

Bar, tube, & mechanical industries 

Wire & extrusion 

for round & rectangular materials

Integrated systems


laser micrometer
laser micrometer
laser micrometer

Single Axis and Dual Axis laser micrometer models are available in a variety of measurement ranges from 13 to 200 mm for diameter measurement & width and thickness measurement of non-round parts.

Communications available over serial, Ethernet, & digital I/O through:

  • PC

  • PLC

  • Optional displays

laser micrometer

laser micrometer

laser micrometer

Bench-top laser micrometer systems can be provided in a variety of configurations and sizes with appropriate fixturing.  

Accessories, such as a linear slide, v-block, pairs of cones, and centers are available to aid in diameter measurement & thickness measurement of non-round parts.  Our Meclab system includes a controller, while our Table gauge can be used with the multi-color display or our LASER VIEW MICOMETER PC software.

centerless grinding measurement and control
centerless grinding measurement

Grindline laser micrometer systems provide in-process gauging and regulation of both centerless thrufeed and plunge grinding processes.  

Both single and multi-diameter profiles can be measured accurately and quickly on-the-fly!

tube diameter measurement
bar diameter measurement

Barline  laser micrometer systems provide in-process gauging of product in bar and tube mills. Barline systems are available in both single axis and dual axis configurations.

Xplorerline laser micrometer systems provide gauging for single component manufacturing processes

wire diameter
square wire measurement

Measure both round and rectangular wire with our special laser micrometer systems.  

Monitor Extrusion processes with our Xplorerline laser micrometer systems.


laser diameter scanning
laser micrometer software

We can integrate a laser micrometer into a custom measurement systems along with smart, user friendly software applications.  We can develop special packages suited for an application

LASER VIEW MICROMETER software is usually used with an XLS laser micrometer.  

Our laser micrometers all are ready for your integration or we can provide you with a complete integration package.  We specialize in application specific solutions.  

Unique features common to all of our laser micrometers:

  • Ethernet & serial communications

  • Digital alarms available

  • Permanent self calibration means that the laser micrometers will NEVER NEED RE-MASTERING

  • Wide range of measuring ranges, all with high precision

  • Unique built-in thermal stability

  • Clear and opaque object measurement

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Available options:
  • Easy-to-use application specific process software

  • Special fixturing

  • Integrated systems

  • Displays, communication modules, and controls 




Systems integration & applications:

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